Pro Plowing Inc offers our commercial clients 3 salting plans: **Plan # 1:** It snows 1/4 inch or more, we salt and your lot is wet and then dries. This plan has "zero tolerance" for snow and ice. **Plan # 2:** We get a forecast for snow, sleet or freezing rain and we call your contact people and provide them with a forecast, and we ask if you want your lot salted. This plan lets you control your salting cost. **Plan # 3:** We get a forecast for freezing rain or an ice storm and we salt. This plan gives you further control of your salting cost, but lets you know that if there is an ice storm, your salting needs are taken care of. **If you need salting...** When you call for a plowing quote, please ask for a salting quote. Our number is **847.272.7180**. At Pro Plowing we pick up our phone: **24 hours a day, 7 days a week**. You never talk to a machine. We are a customer-friendly business that values the trust you have given us. **Pro Plow is large enough to meet your needs yet small enough to value your business.**
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